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Player Details for Patty Arsenault

Definitions and acronyms:

·        Partners Promoting Darts (PPD) sanctioning body. 

·        The PPD hosts an annual tournament named the Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Kansas City each October. 

·        A TOC statistical league-year is July 15th- July 14th year-to-year.

·        Points-per-dart (ppd) is an average from X01 games.

·        Marks-per-round (mpr) is an average from cricket games.

·        A "Player Rating" (PR) is determined by:

Multiplying a player's best (b) known (k) mpr by ten (10) and adding their best (b) known (k) ppd.

Additionally - a comparison of mpr and ppd are done to ensure both numbers are within a normally expected percentile of each other. 

If not within a normal expected range, the player bk mpr or ppd will automatically be adjusted by a 13% increase to become their bk stat to use. 

·        bkppd x bkmpr = "PR"

·        A team of multiple player PRs added together form a "combined player rating" (CPR). 

A player's bkppd or bkppd can come from league or tournament competition: 

1) LEAGUE:  To establish a league ppd or mpr a player must compete in at least 24 games of X01 (with full bull) and/or 24 games of cricket in a league.  Then, the player must compete in at least six (6) matches of that league for the league to remain an "eligible league" for statistical retention for that player beyond the league's ending date.  And finally, a player's bkppd and bkmpr is determined by the highest ppd or mpr derived from all leagues participated in during the most recent TOC league-year in which the player participated in at least one eligible league.  Or,     

2) TOURNAMENT:  A tournament ppd or mpr average is established when a players has thrown a minimum of 80 darts and then up to their last 500 darts in X01 and cricket during any PPD tournament competition, including a combination of TOC and/or monthly remote tournaments if necessary.  Tournament statistics for each player are always the last 500 darts thrown for each game type with the older darts thrown purged from their averages. 

*For the purpose of registration for the annual TOC and October All-Star remote tournaments, PRs will be reset to the then new current TOC league-year on the Monday following the close of the TOC bonus registration.   

PR for players not currently participating in league during any TOC league-year is retained from the last TOC league-year the player participated in.

FDSA 23.138TEMP1G 2.57248.8580

League Points
LeagueLeague DescriptionDateWeekGamesPoints
1A2B29 7/9/2017111510.00
1A2B29 6/25/201791510.00
1A2B29 6/18/201781510.00
1A2B29 6/11/201771510.00
S61711 6/10/2017190.00
1A2B29 6/4/201761510.00
1A2B29 5/31/2017101510.00
1A2B29 5/28/201751510.00
1A2B29 5/21/201741510.00
A51701 5/20/20171620.00
1A2X07 5/14/2017141510.00
1A2B29 5/14/201731510.00
1A2B29 5/7/201721510.00
1A2X07 5/7/2017131510.00
1A2X07 4/30/2017121510.00
1A2B29 4/30/201711510.00
1A2X07 4/23/2017111510.00
1A2X07 4/16/2017101510.00
A41704 4/15/20171190.00
1A2X07 4/9/201791510.00
1A2X07 4/2/201781510.00
1A2X07 3/26/201771510.00
1A2X07 3/19/201761510.00
A31703 3/18/20171200.00
MX2B17 3/6/2017111520.00
1A2X07 3/5/201741510.00
MX2B17 2/27/2017141520.00
MX2B17 2/27/2017161520.00
1A2X07 2/26/201731510.00
MX2B17 2/23/2017101520.00
1A2X07 2/19/201721510.00
A21703 2/18/2017180.00
MX2B17 2/17/201761520.00
MX2B17 2/17/2017151520.00
1A2X07 2/12/201711510.00
MX2B17 1/30/2017171520.00
MX2B17 1/30/2017181520.00
1A2X04 1/29/2017141510.00
1A2X04 1/22/2017131510.00
A11707 1/21/2017160.00
1A2X04 1/15/2017121510.00
1A2X04 1/8/2017111510.00
MX2B17 1/2/201791520.00
1A2X04 1/1/2017101510.00
1A2X04 12/25/201691510.00
MX2B17 12/19/201671520.00
1A2X04 12/18/201681510.00
AD1607 12/17/20161120.00
1A2X04 12/11/201671510.00
SD1607 12/10/20161230.00
MX2B17 12/5/201681520.00
MX2B17 12/5/201651520.00
1A2X04 12/4/201661510.00
1A2X04 11/27/201651510.00
1A2X04 11/20/201641510.00
MX2B17 11/20/2016121520.00
MX2B17 11/20/201631520.00
AN16C5 11/19/2016090.00
MX2B17 11/14/201621520.00
1A2X04 11/13/201631510.00
MX2B17 11/7/201611520.00
1A2X04 11/6/201621510.00
1A2X04 10/30/201611510.00
3C2H17 10/4/2016101510.00
3C2H17 9/27/201691510.00
3C2H17 9/20/201681510.00
3C2H17 9/13/201671510.00
3C2H17 9/6/201661510.00
3C2H17 8/30/201651510.00
3C2H17 8/23/201631510.00
3C2H17 8/23/201641510.00
3C2H17 8/9/201621510.00
3C2H17 8/2/201611510.00

Other Bonus Points