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Player Player RatingPositionVendor
Krissi Grimal284.89811Multiple Vendors
Kelly Meares271.621225Multiple Vendors
Brittany Schwinn270.12549Midstate Amusement
MERADITH MCGEE267.432441C & M Darts
ABBY SPOTT266.505261American Amusement Arcades
JAMI Nowak264.833293Midstate Amusement
Caeleigh Morton261.486372Multiple Vendors
SHARON SONNTAG259.190341Red's Novelty
TERI JOHNSON259.055227C & M Darts
MANDY KOLTHOFF255.560353Automatic Vendors Sioux Falls
JEAN SCUDDER255.45610Multiple Vendors
Heather Pufahl254.959240Midstate Amusement
SUE PIERSON254.43237Automatic Vendors Sioux Falls
LAUREN GUMIENY253.966371Red's Novelty
NICOLE KOLHOFF253.70238Automatic Vendors Sioux Falls
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