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$14,000 Flight
1rst Place:  $10,000


Player Player RatingDatePlace
DON STEWART1105.449312/10/161
Jeff Smith1102.363806/10/171
Willy Walker196.622909/10/161
DANNY BAGGISH196.540006/10/174
MIKE MALONEY193.649603/11/173
KENNY DOYLE193.350403/11/172
Adam Stella192.901606/10/171
DUSTIN HOLT190.657603/11/171
Bob Anderson189.068103/11/172
WES WHITE188.955912/10/162
DENNIS SANDEN188.750206/10/164
JAMES HENNINGER187.590809/10/163
Johnny Lackey186.955009/10/164
Krissi Grimal286.337903/11/172
ANTHONY STEVENSON SR184.299603/11/174
Wade Henderson183.158906/10/174
Ryan Mooneyham183.140212/10/164
BRAD NICHOLS182.971909/10/162
JOEL CHMIELAK182.654006/10/171
JAKE SCHREIBER182.317406/10/171
KYLE RUMMEL180.204309/10/162
CHUCK LAWRENCE178.895303/11/173
Brian Smith176.857012/10/163
JIMMY SULLIVAN176.520403/11/174
MARK MEARES176.015506/10/173
TASSO GARBIS171.753003/11/174
Randy Moffat170.854310/10/161
RAY MANZANARES166.234012/10/162
DARRYL JOHNS165.917509/10/163
TRICIA ROMERO265.730509/10/161
GARY BAKER159.520012/10/163
Lisa Brown250.920012/10/162


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