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Last Updated: 7/24/2018

Player Player RatingDatePlacePaid
DIANA RUTHERFORD253.279009/09/174
Emily Kaufhold263.206012/09/174
JOLENE PFULMANN256.436612/09/173
JULIE WEGER271.247009/07/171
KELLY MEARES275.211412/09/172
Krissi Grimal287.516012/09/171
LISA YEE271.493009/09/171
LIZ TYNAN272.817809/07/172
MERADITH MCGEE265.054012/09/171
MICHELLE JOST262.124003/10/182
Monique Johnson255.071503/10/185
Stephanie Simerly244.033009/07/175
TRACY FASICK249.630009/09/173
TRICIA ROMERO263.037709/07/174
TRINA REED256.697012/09/172
TYLER MEARES268.269003/10/183
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