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Updated daily

Player Player RatingPositionVendor 
Krissi Grimal285.366215Multiple Vendors
LISA YEE277.47474Troy Vending
KELLY MEARES270.162391Multiple Vendors
TYLER MEARES269.828408C & M Darts
MERADITH MCGEE267.432204C & M Darts
TRICIA ROMERO266.348353American Amusement Arcades
KIMBERLY KOLTHOFF264.440140Automatic Vendors Sioux Falls
JAMI Nowak261.411432Midstate Amusement
SHARON SONNTAG259.359481Red's Novelty
TERI JOHNSON258.59533C & M Darts
Caeleigh Morton258.30765Multiple Vendors
Deborah Adams256.389130VolTronic Darts
JENNIFER PITTS256.093254Automatic Vendors Rapid City
MINDY JENSEN255.86649Stansfield Vending
LAURIE MURPHY254.58027Games RR Biz
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