Be prepared to compete by knowing the rules & how to participate:


1)      Each team captain MUST contact each opponent prior to playing. DO NOT START A MATCH WITHOUT MAKING CONTACT WITH YOUR OPPONENTS VIA TEXT OR CALL.

2)      Be ready to throw darts NO LATER than start time. All matches should be started within 10-minutes of the match post time on the bracket.

a.      If darts are not IN THE AIR at 10-minutes past match post time or you have not heard from your opponents, IMMEDIATELY text 573-287-3467 to make our admins aware!

                                                              i.      When PPD Admins are notified of an absent team at the 10-minute mark, they will contact opponents in hopes of getting the match started. Any teams reported and found guilty of not starting their match by 10-minutes past match post time face a 30-day tournament suspension following the tournament.

                                                             ii.      If a team waits 15 minutes or more past match post time to notify PPD Staff of an absent opposing team, BOTH TEAMS are subject to forfeiture of the match and a 30-day tournament suspension to be applied after the tournament for allowing the delay to occur.

3)      Arrive extra early to your location, check the board for DRT codes, and play a casual remote game to ensure internet connectivity. DRT Codes are VRACE, WRACE, XRACE, YRACE.

4)      The captains list & brackets will be live by start time and as early as 30 minutes prior to start time.

a.      You will find the captain’s list in your player account & use it for contacting opponents, finding team numbers and finding what “Race Codes” to use at the board.
Regarding texting before/during/after the tournament - Do not argue or disrespect opponents or DRT Administration. Get help from admins for instruction on resolving issues that may occur. This includes sarcastic/negative comments about skill or strategy. Unless a team is violating the rules – keep it to yourself. VIOLATIONS TO THIS RULE ARE MEANS FOR AT LEAST AN IMMEDIATE 30-DAY SUSPENSION.

5)      Brackets are on CompuSport. You will use the brackets to see who your opponent & SCORE YOUR MATCHES. Scoring Matches & Using the CompuSport App

6)      When you get to the board go to LEAGUE MODE, then PLAY LEAGUE and find the codes: VRACE WRACE XRACE YRACE

a.      ‘League Mode’

b.      ‘Play League’

c.       Choose correct League Code (See captains list for which league code to use)

d.      Select ‘Yes, both cameras work’. If cameras are not working, exit league mode & update the board, then return to setup.

e.      Choose your team Choose whether you are Home or Away (Look at the bracket on CompuSport, the team on the top of the match is the Home Team.)

f.        Choose Opponent Team Choose ‘Local” if your opponent is with you at your location, playing on the same board. Choose ‘Remote’ if your opponent is at a different location

g.      While the board is “waiting for opponents” it is a great time to text your opponents to let them know you are ready if you have not previously done so.

h.      Once boards connect, players are responsible for adding their first & last name at the board as “new substitute”. A hot button is a convenient tool that can be used to add player names.

i.        DO NOT hit start on the match until you have communication to & from opponents.

7)      DRTs are Double Elimination. Format:

a.      Winners side: Race to 2, All Cricket

b.      Losers side: Race to 2, All Cricket

c.       King & Pre-King Seat match(es) are Race to 3, All Cricket, as shown on the bracket.

8)      CORKING – The cork is one round of 501 oi/do split bull. If you see 501 in a DRT – it is a CORK. The #1 players from each team will throw 3 darts - The lowest 501 score wins (the person who gets the most points). Unless there is a tie, hit the red button to skip the 2nd shooters & declare the cork winner. In the event of a tie you will play one more round with the second players shooting. Corking is done before the first game & before tiebreaker games.

If you need ANY assistance, text our staff at 573-287-3467.

For complete rules & details please see the DRT Official Rules.